Christmas Time in Milford Michigan

Merry Christmas! This Americana Christmas song video was shot over the last week, with the final footage of the snow captured this morning. We were super excited to awaken to a fresh Christmas snow! The video's sound track is Aspen's original Christmas song "Share It With The World", which was actually recorded in 2018 as part of an holiday album project with a talent agency, Your Entourage Agency. The album isn't actually available anymore online, so the only place to hear it is on our channel. The song also features the talented mandolin playing of Bruce Ling in addition to Aspen's singing and guitar playing.

We live in the metro Detroit area and the Christmas lights from the driving scenes are in our home town, Milford Michigan. In the scenes shot in our home, you'll see Christmas decorations that are hand made by Aspen and Bryce, Stephanie and myself, and our parents and grandparents. It makes this season even more special to have something created by our ancestors, some of which are no longer with us. 

You'll also notice a couple curios treats on Santa's plate. These are Krumkake which in Norwegian means curved cake. Ken grew up eating these at Christmas at his grandparent's house. They are a waffle cookies made of flour, butter (lots of butter), eggs, sugar, and cream. You'll also notice a braided sweet bread which is an Armenian Choerog. Stephanie's family would always have these around the holidays and are delicious with a nice cup of coffee. Our whole family was involved in baking these treats.

We hope you enjoy our video and all have a safe holiday season! We hope that your 2021 year is fantastic!


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