Interlochen State Park in Winter

Come visit Interlochen State Park in winter virtually with us. 

Interlochen is Michigan's first state park and was acquired in 1917 to preserve a 200 acre virgin white pine forest between Duck Lake and Green Lake. This is why I find it a little ironic that one of the first things that visitors see when entering the park are a set of Michigan Logging Wheels. These gigantic set of wheels were usually painted red and were also called High Wheels or Big Wheels. Using a set of mules or oxen, the High Wheels could transport many heavy logs over uneven wet or snowy ground. They proved to be most helpful in the winter because using the big wheels allowed lumberjacks to continue their work longer into the snowy season.

Interlochen gets about 120 inches of snow each year, so we had an excellent base for snowshoeing. We walked through the snow covered campground and along the mile long nature trail. We hope you enjoy our video as much as we enjoyed our visit to this land between the lakes, which by the way is what "Interlochen" means.

All music by Aspen Jacobsen Intro is end of Aspen's Song "Ashes" Song while Snowshoeing: "Delicate Butterfly" (Instrumental)

Watch Aspen perform “Monday Mourning” which she wrote while attending high school at the Interlochen Fine Arts Academy. 


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