Snowshoeing Highland Recreation Area

I loved snowshoeing at the Highland Recreation Area in this video. Highland Rec is in the northwest suburbs of Detroit in this video and contains about 6,000 acres of forest, marshes and lakes. It has trails for mountain biking, hiking, skiing, and even horses plus a couple hunting dog training areas. The park was acquired from the Ford Family in 1946 and has a very interesting history which I will cover in a hiking & history video later this year. 

My favorite part of the park is the Haven Hill Natural Area. Haven Hill is one of only twelve official natural areas in Michigan to be registered by the National Park Service in 1976. This 721 acre natural area has been mostly undisturbed for about 100 years and contains every principal forest type typical of southeastern Michigan. When hiking along its trails you'll pass through beech-maple forests, cedar and tamarack swamps, and oak-hickory forests. 

Today we'll be snowshoeing in this awesome area, but first let me show you a cool thing I found in Haven Hill's woods. This artistic creation of Mother Nature was formed when the snow at the base of this tree went through a melt and snow cycle which created this really cool snow sculpture that looks like a cresting wave. It's really cool what you can find when out and about in nature. 

I hope you enjoy our Haven Hill wanderings as we listen to Aspen's original song "The March."


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