Tahquamenon Falls State Park Camping Video

Tahquamenon Falls State Park is Michigan's second largest state park with more than 48,000 acres of wild lands. The centerpiece of this park is the Tahquamenon River and its Upper and Lower falls. The Upper Falls is actually the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi River based on volume. This waterfall tumbles 50 feet over a 200-foot-wide sandstone ledge. The lower falls is actually a series of 5 waterfalls that cascade around an island in the middle of the river. It is 17 miles from the Lower falls to the river mouth and four miles from the lower falls to the upper falls. The park contains about 24 miles of the Tahquamenon River which is about 94 miles in total length.

This Michigan state park is one of my favorite places to camp in Michigan. The park has two great camping areas, one area is located at the lower falls and the other camping area at the river mouth. Hemlock and Portage are the two semi modern campgrounds located at the lower falls. Hemlock is closer to the lower falls, but also an older campground. Portage is a little more private with more modern facilities. There are 168 sites at the lower falls with electricity only, there are even a few that have 50-amp service available. The really nice thing about Hemlock and Portage is that you can walk right out of your campsite and with a short hike be at the lower falls. You can also hike between the Lower to Upper Falls which are only four miles apart. There is even a shuttle service available most days during the peak visitor season that can drive you between the falls, so you can hike one way and ride the other way. However, make sure to inquire at the lower falls shop if the shuttle is running that day before setting out on your four-mile hike or it will become an eight trip!

The River Mouth has another semi modern campground with electric hookups as well as a rustic campground where most sites sit directly on the river's shore. There is also a group campground down a two track beyond the rustic campground where I have stayed with scout troops previously, but it isn't on the river although it is pretty close. The modern campground here has newer bathhouse facilities, but the rustic campsite is pit toilets only. Of course, if you are staying at the rustic campground, you can still walk or drive to the modern campground to use the showers or bathroom. There is also a very nice cabin on the river for rent in the rustic campground. 

Aspen and I love Tahquamenon Falls and hope that you have the opportunity to visit there too! 

Keep Wandering & Stay Curious! 


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