Lincoln Home National Historic Site and Staying at Springfield Illinois KOA

Springfield, Illinois, is a city rich in history and the natural beauty of the midwest. During our journey across the United States, we stopped in Springfield to explore some of the Illinois Capital City’s history and spend a night camping at the Springfield KOA Journey. We like to combine travel days with sightseeing, and Springfield did not disappoint! 

Our sightseeing destination this day was the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, where we got to step back in time and discover more about the life and legacy of one of America's greatest leaders, Abraham Lincoln. Although the Lincoln Home was closed for the day, we were still able to experience the charm of the historic district. We strolled along the wooden sidewalks, lined with beautifully preserved buildings, and felt the echoes of the past. All the homes in this four-block historic district have been restored to how they appeared during the time Lincoln lived in the neighborhood and served in the Illinois General Assembly. Lincoln lived here from 1844 to 1861. 

As we walked in Lincoln's footsteps, we imagined the bustling streets, the sounds of horse-drawn carriages, and the vibrant community that thrived during his time here. While exploring the historic site, we read the informative interpretive signs scattered around the district. Did you know Lincoln’s Home here is the only house Lincoln ever owned before moving to Washington DC and being elected the 16th President of the United States. I have always admired Lincoln and enjoyed strolling the streets where he once lived. 

Leaving the Lincoln Home behind, we returned to the Springfield KOA Journey, a serene campground nestled amidst Illinois farmlands. We like to arrive at campgrounds early enough to detach our yellow Winnebago Minnie Drop before heading out to sightsee in our Jeep because city driving and parking are much easier without the camper in tow. Upon arrival earlier at the KOA, we were welcomed by friendly staff at the main building. We were assigned a campsite equipped with water, electric hookups, and a picnic table. The campground also offered clean restrooms and showers, ensuring our convenience and comfort. The peacefulness of the woods and farm fields surrounding the campground and evening rain showers lulled us into a restful sleep. 

Although we only spent one night at the Springfield KOA Journey, we noticed that the campground offered a range of accommodations to enhance campers’ experience. There was a swimming pool, playground, putt-putt golf course, tenting sites and cabins for rent. After a restful evening, we hooked up and headed to our next destination in the early morning. Springfield, Illinois, has offered us a unique blend of history and a peaceful camping spot far from the noise of the interstate. Although we couldn't explore the inside of the Lincoln Home itself, we walked the historic district's wooden sidewalks and felt the presence of Abraham Lincoln's legacy. 

Our night at the Springfield KOA Journey provided us with a comfortable and serene camping experience, even if it was just for one night. This day has reminded us of both the beauty of the Midwest and the contribution Honest Abe made to our nation's history. Follow us on our next adventure as we continue to explore the wonders of our world and we hope you get out and explore it yourself! 

Keep Wandering & Stay Curious! 

Ken Jacobsen, Jr. 

Music: Arsonist Daughter Instrumental by Aspen Jacobsen