My Photo Selected As Overall Winner of Michigan Nature Association's 2023 Annual Photo Contest

This photo from the East Branch of the Fox River State Forest Campground was selected as the overall winner of Michigan Nature Association's 2023 Annual Photo Contest. If you aren't familiar with the Michigan Nature Association, you should check them out. They are focused on protecting and managing land for Michigan's threatened and endangered species. They actually recently acquired a 3500-acre Fox River sanctuary and are fundraising for the project, so if you have some funds earmarked for a worthy cause keep MNA in mind. The Fox River is a pretty famous place you've probably never heard of. It was immortalized by Hemingway in his short stories The Big Two Hearted River. He is reported to have used a different river name to hide a favorite fishing stream. Besides, Two Hearted River sounds more poetic and is a bit east of the Fox River. 

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